Who we are and What we do

“Piliko” was created in summer 2008 by professionals who specialize in the field of construction and who share a common interest in building with natural materials and sustainable architecture.

Since 2011 “Piliko” is a non-profit organisation with the aims to :


Promote environmental awareness in the domain of sustainable design and construction.


Document vernacular construction techniques and assess their contemporary relevance.


Research new methods of building with natural materials and convey this knowledge.

Driven by these aims the group is involved in /organises the following activities:

  • Informative and educational lectures and exhibitions open to the wider public.
  • Hands-on construction workshops in collaboration with experts open to students and professionals.
  • Workshops open to children.
  • Documentation and archiving of the Greek architectural earthen heritage.
  • Coordination and participation in research projects.
  • Counselling on scientific and legislative issues related to construction with natural materials.
  • Coordination and participation in international networks for information exchange.

Piliko has organised more than 7 major construction workshops in Greece and abroad. These were taught by, or co-organized with, established experts (or organisations) in earthen architecture aimed at teaching professionals (mainly engineers) techniques of building with natural materials.

Several workshops have been offered to national and international students of the Technical University of Crete (T.U.C.), unemployed people and primary school pupils. In collaboration with T.U.C. and the Centre of Mediterra – nean Architecture (C.M.A.), Piliko has organized two more conferences in the past (2011 & 2013) with invited speakers from Greece and abroad open to the general public.

Within the field of research, Piliko has participated in various events and delivered research work.



  • Zeta Chrisafaki
    Zeta Chrisafaki Architecture Engineer
  • Theodosia Frantzeskaki
    Theodosia Frantzeskaki Civil Engineer
  • Katiana Patrelakis
    Katiana Patrelakis landscape engineer - architecture engineer
  • Kalliopi Pandi
    Kalliopi Pandi Civil Engineer
  • Eleni Braoudaki
    Eleni Braoudaki Civil Engineer
  • Eri Madouva
    Eri Madouva Architecture Engineer
  • Apostolos Mousourakis
    Apostolos Mousourakis Architecture Engineer
  • Antonia Diamantaki
    Antonia Diamantaki Architecture engineer
  • Manolis Geronimakis
    Manolis Geronimakis manufactorer-contractor

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